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ripe brokers

Available ranges: 14x /22


ripe brokers

Available ranges:  8x  /24


ripe brokers

Available ranges:  /17

RIPE is a Regional Internet Registry (RIR), which forms one of five organizations managing registration and allocation of Internet number resources inside their respective service regions. Of these, RIPE has the most liberal policies when it comes to resource transfer, and services West Asia, Europe, and the one-time USSR. RIPE allows buying and selling legacy address blocks without passing a needs test; nor is there a requirement of RIPE membership, or one that the addresses be stripped of legacy status.

RIPE’s service for internet market participants include listing recognized brokers as well as places where sellers and buyers can post availability and need, respectively. RIPE also logs and displays data on transfers between RIPE members.

Transfers within and outside RIPE can become complicated, owing to wide variations in requirements when it comes to the different addresses which are to be transferred. If, for instance, an LIR sponsor is required for a PI transfer, a RIPE LIR can be of great assistance. RIPE members’ addresses are transferable to members of ARIN or APNIC. No transfer fees are charged, and there is no time restriction on reselling transferred addresses either.
Local Internet Registries (LIRs) are each set up under the power of the controlling RIR for the region, and are generally operated by ISPs, serving their customers. Large enterprises operate these as well. When an LIR assigns address space though, it is typically run by an ISP other than the one providing connectivity. Maintenance of the information regarding this falls inside the LIR’s responsibility, and not that of ISP which is providing connectivity. Moreover, no party other than an LIR or RIR is allowed to hold address allocations.

Being an RIR, RIPE is a member-based, non-profit association inside region specified above. It adheres to the laws of the country of location when distributing number resources, following policies which were developed by the regional community through Policy Development Processes (PDP). It is governed by member-elected boards which give strategic guidance, fiduciary oversight, and PDP verification. Like the other RIRs, RIPE has a joint stability fund in place to ensure the world’s RIR system holds strong during the coming decades.

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