You could be accessing the internet with a unique address without complete knowledge about it.

Even with the advance resources at our disposal, technology remains a mystery for many. Technological advancements are often clouded by numerous misconceptions, due to lack of knowledge or exposure to a system. Let’s debunk some common myths about IP addresses.

Rank high with a dedicated IP address

IP address plays little to no role in the ranking of your web page. Hosting companies believe that a dedicated IP address will generate more traffic and land a higher rank on Google search, but that’s not the case. You need to improve your organic content and keyword search to build an online presence.

IPv6 can wait

Believe it or not, the hosting industry rolled out its last batch of IPv4 addresses. This has increased the need of IPv6 migration strategy. Your current system is configured and compatible to IPv4 only. This leaves your networking system at a compromising position, if IPv4 became redundant.

Not much can be done with an address after primary allocation

You can benefit from your existing IPv4 address in a number of ways. Companies that purchased an address space in earlier may have a lot of unutilized space at hand. Multiple websites and services can be hosted from a single address. You can also utilize more private addresses by clearing some addresses in the subnet.

A SSL site can only operate on a dedicate IP address

SSL siteNo, a site with a secure socket layer (SSL) can operate on a shared IP address as well. Although one SSL site can be hosted on one unique IP address, that is not compulsory.

The same site can host other services such as, email, DNS, or non-SSL web.

One IP address for one http site

Another common misconception is that only a unique IP allows you to access and monitor traffic generated on a specific site. That is not the case. A single IP can be used to host multiple sites.

Separate IP for each VPN

For each private device that wants to connect with your networking system, a VPN (virtual private network) is required. But this doesn’t mean a separate IP is needed for each VPN generated. Multiple VPNs can be hosted on a single IP address.

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