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ARIN’s services participants in the respective transfer market, include a line of transfer facilitators, pre-approval for sellers and buyers, and service listing the parties that seek to sell or buy numbers. ARIN was set up in 1997, and functions as a member-based, non-profit organization supporting the growth and operation of the internet.

This is achieved by providing its core service, which includes distribution and management of Autonomous System Numbers (ASNs), Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, and other internet number resources. ARIN also handles the coordination of community policy development, consequently advancing the internet via data outreach.

ARIN is one of the five Regional Internet Registries (RIR) in the world, and is headquartered in Chantilly, Virginia. Like the other four, it does the following.

  • Providing services relating to technical management and coordination of number resources inside the respective service region
  • Participating in the world’s internet community
  • Setting the path for developing policy decision which its members as well as other involved internet citizens make
  • Serving as a non-profit organization
  • Running under the governance of an elected executive board

ARIN’s mission statement lays out the various service areas which it covers, and cites supporting the operation of the internet as one of its objectives. It does this by managing the sale and purchase of internet number resources inside the service region, as well as through the other duties mentioned above.

According to ARIN policy, IP blocks can be transferred to members under RIPE, APNIC, or ARIN. Number transfer can be done when a company undergoes a merger or an acquisition. In the case of the latter, ARIN places no transfer processing requirement.

In the case of in-policy transfers between ARIN members, the recipient is required to prove that their need for addresses is justified. If they live within the ARIN region, this demonstration may be provided inside a time window of two years. If, on the other hand, they happen to be outside the service region (the United States, Canada, and many North Atlantic and Caribbean islands), the needs test would be performed by the concerned RIR, based on its own policy.

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